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Anna Hampson Lundh

Anna Hampson Lundh

Senior Lecturer

Swedish School of Library and Information Science

Phone: 033-4355991

Mobile: 0733-949268

E-mail: anna.hampson_lundh@hb.se

Room number: D306C

Signature: ALU

Dr Anna Hampson Lundh is Senior Lecturer at the University of Borås, Sweden and Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Information Studies, Curtin University, Perth, Australia. Her research is conducted at the intersection of Library and Information Science and Educational Science. Anna’s specific research interests concern children’s reading and documentary practices, and accessible media.

In recent years, Anna has been working with the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media, in an applied project aimed at enhancing library services for young users of talking books. Currently, Anna is the First Chief Investigator of the project Reading, traditions and negotiationsReading activities in Swedish classrooms 1967-1969 (funded by the Swedish Research Council) and Learning to read talking booksThe documentary practices of children with print disabilities (funded by the Curtin Senior Research Fellowship). In these projects, Anna and her colleagues are exploring children’s reading activities and practices in contemporary society, as well as historically.

Dr Lundh joined the Swedish School of Library and Information Science, University of Borås in 2004. She successfully defended her PhD thesis in 2011 at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science, University of Gothenburg and University of Borås. 

Title of Dissertation

Doing research in primary school: Information activities in project-based learning