About Handelslabbet - University of Borås
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About Handelslabbet - The Retail Lab

Handelslabbet is a Retail Research Laboratory built up as an open innovation lab where researchers and retail professionals meet in order to innovate and stimulate better business.

The innovative work is focused on new business model development, support decision systems for consumers, and digital devices in the fixed store setting.
The purpose of Handelslabbet is to contribute to retail research and as such, boost innovative and sustainable operations for the future of retail. Handelslabbet has also become an environment engaging suppliers with the latest technology, and a variety of researchers from different disciplines.

Handelslabbet is run by the University of Borås and is a part of the Swedish Institute for Innovative Retailing (SIIR), a research centre managed by an academic director and attending research fellow colleagues.
Handelslabbet has also become a natural collaborative environment for people wanting to test new ideas.