Julie Allan

Julie Allan

Visiting Professor

Recent publications

Allan, J, and Harwood, V (2013) Medicus interruptus in the behaviour of children in disadvantaged contexts in Scotland. International Journal of Sociology of Education. DOI: 10.1080/01425692.2013.776933

Biesta, G, Allan, J and Edwards, R (2013) (Eds) Making a difference in theory: The theory question in education and the education question in theory. London: Routledge.

Allan J and Catts R (2012) (eds) Social capital, children and young people: Implications for practice, policy and research. Bristol: Policy Press.

Allan, J (2012) Introduction in Persson, B and Persson, E Includering och måluppfyllelse: all nå framgång med alla elever (Inclusion and achievement: The success of all students). Stockholm: Liber.

Finished Research Projects