Bengt-Åke Andersson

Bengt-Åke Andersson

Adjunct Professor

I work as an adjunct professor within the field of resource recovery where I focus on combustion on renewable solid fuels. The research covers various aspects, e.g. effects of the fuel composition, fluid dymanics, heat transfer, erosion/corrosion, emissions and ashes.

I have worked at the University of Borås since 1992 and have an academic background from Chalmers University of Technology. I am, since 1995, working in the industry, between 1995 and 2007 with the boiler company Valmet Power, former Metso Power and Kvaerner Power and after that with the power company E.ON


Mobile: 0702-588959
E-mail: bengt-ake.andersson@hb.se

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