Kim Bolton

Kim Bolton


I work as a professor within the field of resource recovery and smart textiles. Our group performs molecular-level computer simulations to understand the mechanisms and rates of chemical reactions (e.g., reactions involved in obtaining energy from waste) and material properties (e.g., why some textile fibres can be used to measure pulse and other signals). The insight gained from our research will assist in improving existing, or developing new, ways to recycle waste and to produce smart textiles.

I have worked at the University of Borås since 2000. Before that, I studied as a post-doc at Wayne State University, USA, and as a PhD student at Gothenburg University, Sweden.

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Supervises post-doctor

Mohsenzadeh, Abas

Primary supervisor for PhD students

Rousta, Kamran

Nemat, Babak

Brancoli, Pedro


Phone: 033-4354602
Mobile: 0768-357983
E-mail: kim.bolton@hb.se

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