Hanna Landin

Hanna Landin

Senior Lecturer

Interested in the fact that by how people are let to be able to interact with things, their perception of themselves, others and the world is effected. Her work centres on basic research on finding structured ways, in terms of design methods, of dealing with such open and sometimes indefinite questions rather early in design processes. This in terms of a way for designers and design students to develop and train their sensibility of such aesthetics of interaction, and to explore the nuances of the designed interaction possibilities that can be built into a design. 

Title of Dissertation

Anxiety and trust and other expressions of interaction. Department of Computer Science and Engineering, June 2009, Chalmers University of Technology.

Supervision of doctoral students


Chair of Board of Artistic Research and Education at Högskolan i Borås

Coordingating the MA programme in Fashion and Textile Design


Phone: 033-4354552
Mobile: 0702-314442
E-mail: hanna.landin@hb.se

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