Mansour, Osama

Mansour, Osama

Osama is a senior lecturer with a background in Information Systems/ Informatics at the Academy of Library, Information, Education, and IT. He started to work at the University of Borås in 2014. His responsibilities include program and course development, teaching and supervision within the undergraduate program in web content management (e.g., Information Architecture, Interface Development, Theory and Method for Web Development), research in Social Media Studies (SMS), and also research group development. Osama is currently involved in efforts with other colleagues to set up and develop a research group that addresses mainstream issues related to the theme of the undergraduate program (e.g., Big Data).

Before joining the University of Borås, Osama was an assistant professor in Information Systems at Linnaeus University where he obtained his PhD in 2013. His thesis opponent was Ulrike Schultze, Associate Professor at Southern Methodist University, USA. The title of his PhD thesis is: “The Bureaucracy of Social Media – An Empirical Account in Organizations”. He also has a Licentiate degree in Information Systems from Linnaeus University since 2011 and a Masters degree in Information Systems from Lund University since 2008. 

Osama’s research experience is within organizational use of social media, primarily wikis, and how they are used for knowledge collaboration and sharing. He has also done research that focuses on the relationship between the digital and the material using theories of affordances and sociomateriality. His research took place at two large organizations: IBM and Consolidated Contracts Company (CCC) where he studied the use of the wiki technology as a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing. He published his research at top conferences in Information Systems such as the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS), and also Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW). 

His main research interests include social media, wikis, online collaboration, knowledge sharing, openness, theory of affordances, sociomateriality, practice theories, and qualitative research methods. He is also exploring issues in Big Data, open and digital innovation, digital materiality, and generative mechanisms.

Title of Dissertation

“The Bureaucracy of Social Media – An Empirical Account in Organizations”.