Jasmina Maric

Senior Lecturer

I work as Senior Lecturer within the field of Visual Communication where I focus on Web/Mobile software development and communication.

I work at the University of Borås - The Swedish School of Library and Information Science - since 2015 where I teach on Bachelor, Master/Magister level. Before that, I studied Communication and Information Science at the Tilburg Center for Communication and Cognition, Tilburg University.

Currently, I participate in TACIT project and Social Media Studies research group. I also work on developing projects in the field of mobile applications for refugee/immigrant integration, and in the field of teaching for 21st century skills.


Maric, J. (2017) The Valleys of Death in Refugee Crisis, International Conference on Social Media, Wearable and Web Analytics, London, UK – The Best Social Media Paper Award 

Maric, J. (2017) Teaching for 21st Century? 5Es for 4Cs, PUH-conference proceedings, Borås, Sweden 

Maric, J., & Spotti, M. (2016) Immigrants Web Communities: Gateways to Social Capital Construction. In proceedings 3rd European Conference on Social Media Research EM Normandie, Caen, France (p. 206).

On-going Research Projects