Henrik Ringsberg

Senior Lecturer

Dr Henrik Ringsberg holds a master’s degree in environmental engineering from Luleå University of Technology and a Doctorate in Engineering from Lund University of Technology.

He is employed as an Ass. Prof and senior lecturer at the Department of Engineering, University of Borås where he lectures on Information and Communication Technologies ICT, traceability and sustainable logistics (financial, environmental, and social aspects).

His research interest covers the traceability (fresh food, pharmaceutical, high value, dangerous goods) food logistics, supply chain management, standardization, ICT technologies (e.g. RFID/ barcode technologies) and legal requirements on safety, quality and sustainability.

Dr Ringsberg has conducted both qualitative and quantitative research in the field of traceability for the food, pharmaceutical, shipping and aviation sector based on a triple helix approach; cooperation between academy, industry and the society. 


Mobile: 033-4354510
E-mail: henrik.ringsberg@hb.se