Rosén, Karl Gustaf

Rosén, Karl Gustaf

Karl G Rosén (-48) is physiologist/ paediatrician/ neonatologist trained at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, who during the eighties started medical device developments as a way to secure the use of knowledge gained from experimental and clinical research in the field of fetal monitoring.

After more than 40 years of dedicated R&D, the STAN fetal monitoring system is now well established across the world with FDA approval based on 100 scientific publications with 600 hospitals equipped and more than 1000 000 deliveries monitored.

In 1991, he was appointed to the post as inaugural dean of Plymouth Postgraduate Medical School, University of Plymouth, UK, later to become the Peninsular Medical School. In this post he had the opportunity to start new research focusing on the indoor air quality issue. With his background in applied physiology, clinical medicine and biomedical engineering he has been able to build a team of experts to take electronic air cleaning from basic electrochemical research to the AirRevival product. He has guided 15 doctorates, published 90 peer reviewed publications, obtained six patents and raised research grants exceeding €2M.

Currently he holds the post as adjunct professor in applied physiology at University of Borås, Sweden and has been the CEO of the University of Borås Holding Company for six years. He is the CEO of Neoventor Medical Innovations AB, Kungälv, Sweden.