Ingela Rydström

Ingela Rydström

Post Retirement Associate Professor

Since 1999, I have had different roles at the University of Borås, first as an instructor and doctoral student, and later as a researcher and manager. In 2005, I defended my dissertation and my subject area is Caring Science. In my continued research, I have focussed on the experiences of immigrants regarding Swedish healthcare, and I have also focussed on how social factors affect the return to work of women on long-term sick leave. I am thus a part of the research project “Health and Work Ability Among Healthcare Workers: The Effects of Organisational, Leadership, Colleague, and Life Circumstances”.

Additionally, I supervise two doctoral students; one defends her dissertation in December 2015 and her area focusses on how children, parents, and nurses experience and deal with needle-related procedures. The other doctoral student has recently begun her work, which focusses on how well-functioning care should be conducted for older patients who also have mild to moderate cognitive disabilities and one or more illnesses.

 Since 2008, I have been a manager within the Faculty of Caring Science, Work Life and Social Welfare. Currently, I am Department Head for the Department of Caring Science and Sexual and Reproductive Health as well as Deputy Dean for the entire Faculty. Moreover, I represent the Faculty as Programme Coordinator.

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Supervision of doctoral students


Phone: 033-4354755
Mobile: 0731-527019
E-mail: ingela.rydstrom@hb.se

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