Marianne Strömberg

Marianne Strömberg

Senior Lecturer

I am a senior lecturer in pedagogy and have mainly been working with research in the field of teacher education and teaching profession. In recent years I have been working in the research program Research and Capability in Inclusion and Welfare (RCIW) and are involved in four research projects, in collaboration with School Improvement units in two municipalities and one authority. I am also active in the Council for Intercultural Dialogue (FID), which is mainly funded by the VGR and is based on cooperation between the region, the University of Borås, University of Gothenburg and University  West and  have several research assignments. I am a member of Pedagogy, Education and Practice (PEP) which is an international network working with  development of theory and research in various educational practices.


Phone: 033-4354338
E-mail: marianne.stromberg@hb.se

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