Caring science didactics


The subject of care science didactics consists of knowledge about learning in caring contexts. Research that generates this knowledge has focused on didactic issues that have a health sciences. Research is conducted both in parallel as integrated with other health science research related to the patient's world, ie. existence questions in relation to health, illness and suffering. This research also studies how caring can best help people feel well-being and to live a good life, despite illness and suffering. The didactic research is here to develop learning strategies that will strengthen students' and carers readiness to meet the patient's life-world and in a deliberate way to exercise a care that relieves suffering and creating conditions for the well-being.The research also aims didactic development of supporting patients and close to standing up learning so that they are given the opportunity to live a good life. Health Sciences Education rests on a life-world theoretical foundation and key concepts are life-world Education and reflection. Integration of theory with healthcare practice and implementation of new knowledge plays a prominent role in the subject.