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The greater part of the material shown centrally at the website of the university is free to be published. In the photo library there are high resolution photos for downloading which are free for publication, however the photographer’s name must always be stated, and preferably the source as well.

Maria Lindh


Descriptions of cloud services affect our reality

How do we talk about cloud services and how do this relate to how they are perceived and taken for granted. This is analysed in a new doctoral thesis.

"The language we use in the description of cloud services, and IT in general, legitimises them," says Maria Lindh. “Through words choice and expressions, a common understanding of cloud services is created, which legitimises the introduction of the new technology and makes us habituated to it. We do not question it because that may be perceived as being hostile to technology or backwards. It also makes us a little naive about technology; we do not always take things such as privacy issues...

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Ann-Christine Andreasson
Director of Communications
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Ida Borenstein
Communications Officer and Press Contact
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