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Welcome to the press room of the University of Borås. If you want to come in contact with any expert or specialist in our research and education areas please contact our press contacts.

The greater part of the material shown centrally at the website of the university is free to be published. In the photo library there are high resolution photos for downloading which are free for publication, however the photographer’s name must always be stated, and preferably the source as well.

Hanna Maurin Söderholm


Technology for better ambulance care

Hanna Maurin Söderholm conducts research within information and communications technology in ambulance care. Here, she explains more about her research.

"My background is in information science and the interaction between humans and computers. My research deals with information and communications technology – how it is used and what people need, focussing on the prehospital area, i.e. ambulance care. If you look at prehospital work from a perspective of information science, it is clear that ambulance personnel have to deal with a composite picture of many different types of information and processes.

Annie Andreasson och Staffan Ljung

Ann-Christine Andreasson 
Director of Communications
Telephone: 033-435 40 22
Mobile: 0708-17 41 22
Email: ann-christine.andreasson@hb.se

Staffan Ljung
Communications officer and media contact
Mobile: 070-6728970
E-mail: staffan.ljung@hb.se

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