Admission requirements

Applicants must fulfill certain general entry requirements to be eligible to third-cycle studies at the University of Borås, as well as specific entry requirements. Specific entry requirement are specified in the general syllabus for each research subject/area. General entry requirements are the same for all research areas.

General entry requirements

General entry requirements for third-cycle/doctoral studies are:
1. A degree at second-cycle/Master's degree level
2. Completed at least 240 credits (ECTS) whereof at least 60 credits have been acquired at second-cycle/Master's degree/one-year Master´s degree level
3. Corresponding knowledge obtained in another way in Sweden or abroad

Specific entry requirements

Specific entry requirements vary between the different research disciplines. However, regardless of research discipline all applicants must verify that their English language skills correspond to the upper secondary level (post-16) course English B in the Swedish school system.

If your secondary school qualification in English does not meet these requirements, you must submit the official results of an internationally recognised test or examination. 

Transitional regulations: ”Those who prior to July 1, 2007 meet the general entry requirements for access to a third-cycle programme, shall thereafter also be considered to have access to education at third-cycle level, though not further than to the end of June 2015.”

The selection

The Research and education board has the responsibility for selecting the candidates most suitable for doctoral education. The Research Education Committee can be the part that actually ranks and decides who is the best applicant suited for the position.

Once the application has reached the university's registry it is sent to the Admissions office where the degrees from each applicant will be scrutinized and verified.The Admissions office will also make sure that each applicant meets the general entry requirements.

Applications are then sent to the research committee where a ranking of formal merits decides who will be called to an interview.  The number of candidates that will be called to an interview varies. If there are two or more candidates for the position, a minimum of two candidates should be called in all cases. A decision of whom will be offered a doctoral student position is taken after the interviews. The selected candidate will in this first stage be informally notified (e.g. via phone or e-mail).

All documents in the selection process are then sent to the registrator who then send the decision to the Admissions office.  The Admissions office register the PhD student and a formal notification will be sent to the PhD student. All other applicants will also be notified once the selection process is completed. 

The decision of the Research Education Committee can not be appealed according to Swedish law.

Documents of importance in the selection process

(at present, most documents listed below are only available in Swedish)

Ranking criteria (Swedish)

Worksheet for interview selection (Swedish) 

Template for protocol, interview selection (Swedish)

Template for information to the registry regarding interviews (Swedish)

Template for the Research Education Committee (REC) for admission to doctoral programme