Financing doctoral education

The main principle when a student is admitted to a doctoral education at the University of Borås is that he/she has a doctoral employment. This university employment is extended every year and the student receives a salary and is eligible to the Swedish social security system.

Admission for university employment is always preceded by a public announcement. Admission to a doctoral position with a so called alternative financing is not necessarily preceded with a public announcement. With alternative financing we refer to external scholarships or a doctoral student who is employed by an organisation other than the University of Borås.


A student with a national grants office (NGO) scholarship may apply for admission to a doctoral student position. There are several types of scholarships the student may have been granted. Before any decision is made whether the person may be accepted as a doctoral student or not, a copy of the scholarship should be sent in with full appending conditions for the scholarship, the terms and conditions of which will be scrutinized. The minimum allowance per month is following the standards of the Swedish Institute.

Employment in external organisations (i.e. Industrial PhD student)

For doctoral students employed in an external organisation (privat or public) the research project is chosen in cooperation and consultation with the financing orgaisation. The research is thus conducted in close cooperation with the financing organisation. Experimental work, can be carried out partly or completely at the financing organisation, where an assistant supervisor is nominated. 
An agreement must always be signed between the University of Borås and the external organisation before any admission can be decided to enrol the student to doctoral studies.
The agreement should cover financing of the student for the entire education 4 yrs full-time, or if a licentiate degree is the exam decided, 2 yrs full-time.
A slower than 50% pace of studies is not allowed for doctoral education, i.e. a maximum of 8 yrs of PhD studies to reach a doctors exam is required.

Minimum wages for this group of doctoral students should also meet the standards of the Swedish Institute.

The rules for financing doctoral students can be read in full in the document: "Regler om studiefinansiering av forskarutbildning till doktorander vid Högskolan i Borås" (only Swedish text).