Formative reports

Ladok is the administrative system that the Universities in Sweden use to register educational data for all students, including doctoral students. Basic data regarding provider of the education and the students achievements are registered in Ladok. The PhD students' activity in the research programme is also registered at the end of each semester.

What is registered in Ladok?

Identity information, information on entry requirements, admission, learning outcomes and degrees for all students is registered in Ladok.

For doctoral students, there should also be additional information concerning subject and scientific area, registration, recorded activity each semester and type of financing. The activity and the financial situation must be reported at the end of each semester. The PhD student should consult with the research secretary or the economist at the department if uncertainties evolve regarding how to fill in the report sheet (F4), report of financing and student activity.

At the University of Borås

For doctoral students at the University of Borås, all course results must be registered in Ladok by the department that has arranged and examined the course. Credit transfer of courses must also be registered in Ladok.

After the programme is completed, the completed courses sheet (”Finished courses”) as well as the sheet of the approved dissertation, must be registered in Ladok.

As a student you must apply for the doctoral degree yourself. When the degree is issued by the examinations officer, it is registered in Ladok. The information in Ladok is the basis for the Diploma supplement which is appended to the degree certificate.

Extract from Ladok

If you want an extract from Ladok, you should primarily turn to the research secretary at your department/academy. Second hand you can turn directly to the central Ladok administration. When LPW (Ladok on web) is introduced also for Ph.D. students it will be possible to extract some information from Ladok by yourself.

Study break

If a Ph.D. student wants a temporary break in the research studies a report on study break (pdf) must be done. Normally a study break is applied for when the student has adequate reasons. The most common adequate reasons are parental leave and long-term illness.

In those cases the study break exceeds one semester the application must be supplemented with an updated activity- and support form (F4) which reports for the activity during the period. For study breaks extending over a whole semester (up to a maximum of 2 semesters) documentation must be handed over to the Ladok administrator that registers the study break.

Termination of studies

If a Ph.D. student decides to terminate the Ph.D. education this must be registered. Registration of termination of studies (pdf) means that the University of Borås no longer has any responsibility for the research education of the specific student. However, the parts of the education which have been completed and are documented in Ladok, can be of future interest if the Ph.D. student is admissed as a doctoral student at another university.

This document shall also be handled in to the Ladok administrator after (note after) that the fullfilled degree is registered in Ladok.


For a Ph.D. student the employment is extended every year after that a supervisor certificate is handled in to the HR department. The supervisor certificate confirms that the development of the student is in accordance with the individual study plan (ISP).

Salary developmet

As an employed post-graduate student your salary will be raised after the postgraduate progress has reached different quartiles, 25%, 50%, 75%, and lastly after disseration. The salary level generally applicable for the University of Borås can be found in document PA 718-13, (Swedish text). When a salary increase is demanded the form for increase of doctoral salary (pdf), togeteher with an extract from Ladok should accompany the formal request, signed by the supervisor.