General syllabus for third-cycle studies (PhD studies)

Third-cycle studies are presently performed in all of the six well defined research areas at the University of Borås, however the authority to examine on doctoral level is limited to three areas with a total of five research disciplines. These disciplines are: Resource recovery, Library- and information sciences, Textile technology, Textile management and Design (textile). The latter yields a degree in fine arts.

The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education has granted University of Borås the right to examine doctoral students in three areas. The University board has approved the start of doctoral programmes in all three areas. For each subject which has been granted the right to conduct doctoral programmes, a general syllabus is required. The general syllabus for a third-cycle/doctoral education for a defined discipline is determined and granted by the Boards for Research and Education at the University of Borås. According to the local rules at University of Borås a general syllabus must contain the following parts:

  • the main content of the education, and any compulsory literature that may be required reading within the subject,
  • the main organization plan for the education,
  • the knowledge requirements for an applicant,
  • requirements other than general entry requirements that are necessary for admission to the education (specific entry requirements),
  • the regulations on selection criteria that are used when admitting students to the education,
  • the exams that are used, and, where applicable, the possibility of concluding part of the education with a licentiate degree.

Listed below are the general syllabuses for the five research disciplines:

Library- and Information Sciences

General syllabus for Library- and Information Sciences (pdf)

Resource Recovery

General syllabus for Resource Recovery (pdf)

Textile and Fashion

General syllabus for Design (pdf)

General syllabus for Textile management (Swedish)

General syllabus for Textile technology (Swedish)


Please note that as of July 1st 2014 the University of Borås has a new organisation. The former units called “schools”, as well as the Central Administration and the Library & Learning Resources, do no longer exist in their former structures. Documents are being revised and will be updated later on, in the meantime documents written before July 1st 2014 may include these organisational units.