Individual study plan for third-cycle studies (PhD studies)

The individual study plan (ISP) for third cycle studies, or simply the individual syllabus is an agreement between the doctoral student, the principal supervisor, and examinator concerning the contents of the programme.

The syllabus (ISP) must be appended to the registrator not later than 3 months after the doctoral studies are commenced. In most research disciples an examiner appointed to the doctoral student signs the ISP as well. 

The supervisors, director of studies and the student are to review the ISP at least once a year. Changes in the original ISP are documented in the revised one. A time plan for doctoral courses included in the research programme is documented in the ISP, mandatory courses in particular. The amount of time that the supervisor will spend for supervision during the year and how supervision will be arranged is decided. A financial plan can also be included. The director of studies is responsible for the following - up of the individual study plan.

The individual syllabus shall according to the higher education ordinance, 6 Chapter §29 include:

  • A time schedule for the doctoral education
  • A description of the students responsibilities and the  faculty board mandates (in principal the Board for Research and Education ) during the time of the education. 
  • Matters in general that are necessary for an efficient doctoral education 
  • A financial plan is recommended to secure the entire education for the doctoral student

Only doctoral student positions with doctoral employment are announced at the University of Borås. If the doctoral student is financed from an external employer a record stating that the employer approves that time for studies will be allocated within the regular employment  as well as a guarantee for financing over the entire period must be forwarded to the Admissions Office. Documentation which proves that the applicant meets the entry requirements must also be attached.


Please note that as of July 1st 2014 the University of Borås has a new organisation. The former units called “schools”, as well as the Central Administration and the Library & Learning Resources, do no longer exist in their former structures. Documents are being revised and will be updated later on, in the meantime documents written before July 1st 2014 may include these organisational units.