Every autumn, there's an introduction day for all new students.  General information about doctoral studies and information the university's organisation and structure are provided. In addition, there is talk about what rights and obligations you have as a doctoral student and where you can turn in matters relating to equality and the work environment.

As a newly admitted doctoral student, you will receive a personal invitation to the introduction day and the website is updated when the year's introduction day is approaching.

As a newly admitted doctoral student, you also receive an introduction in your own area of ​​research and the environment you will be in during the next few years. You will find out what special rules and procedures apply to your education and get a chance to be introduced to other colleagues within your section.

Swedish course for international doctoral students

If your supervisor considers it appropriate that you should undergo a Swedish course in order to enhance and ease your doctoral studies, he or she send an application to the admissions office in order for registration to take place. You as a PhD student are then admitted outside the usual admission numbers.

For more information about the Swedish course offered, click on the link below:


This years PhD-candidate introduction day

Date: 16th of October

Time: 09.00 - 16.00

Place: Meeting venue is announced later

Programme: Schedule, pdf

Registration should be done no later than the 6th of October.

Registration to PhD-introduction day