Time table

6-7 months (prior to the defence of the thesis)

  • Discuss the preliminary time for the defence of the doctoral thesis with both your Principal supervisor and the Director of studies.
  • The principal supervisor should start to consider an appropriate Faculty examiner as well as a dissertation Examining committee with respect to the rules of conflicting interests.

3-5 months

  • At Final review the manuscript as a whole is considered. In the final review of the manuscript an external expert must join the assessment group. 
  • If the assessment group finds the manuscript suitable for public defence, further planning for the thesis defence can go ahead.

2-5 months (min 50 days)

  • Set the date and time for the defence
  • Book a suitable room for the defence
  • The doctoral student together with the Principal supervisor and the Examiner fill out the application for defence of doctoral thesis that is sent to the Research Education Committee (REC).
  • The application should contain the title of the thesis, as well as a proposal of Faculty examiner, Examining committee, and proposal of Chairman for the defence act. 
  • All individuals mentioned above should not later than 50 days before the planned defence have accepted their involvement in the defence. This is done by the principal supervisor except at Textile design where this is a responsibility for the director of studies. A researcher employed at the University of Borås should be asked to stand by in case of a last minute cancellation from any member of the Examining committee.

3 months & 1 week

  • All publications in a compilation thesis must be sent to the REC as pdf-files.
  • A monograph is sent as a pdf-file to the REC.
  • The REC is responsible for forwarding the files to the dissertation Examining committee and the Faculty examiner.

3 months

  • Contact the printing houses associated to the University of Borås.
  • Make an appointment with the printing house.
  • Contact the Information Office for help with layout and cover of the thesis. 
  • Make sure to get an ISBN number for the thesis from the library. This is a prerequisite before sending your manuscript to the printing house. Contact Katarina Engvall. Read about support to publish doctoral thesis.

7 weeks

  • Send the manuscript to a printing house.
  • Send a manuscript to Faculty examiner.

6-4 weeks

  • Prepare the digital version of the manuscript for the Library publication in DiVA (our digital archive). The digital version should be forwarded to Kristoffer Karlsson at the Library 4 weeks before the thesis defence.
  • The REC must have the printed thesis 4 weeks before the day you are supposed to nail the thesis to the log in the library. The chairman of the Research education committee signs the thesis when approved. This signed copy is referred to as the "nailing copy" of the thesis and should thus be nailed to the log in the library as the tradition bids.
  • Give 4 copies of the thesis to the University Library.

3 weeks

  • Get the approved "nailing copy" from the REC.
  • ”Spika” the thesis to the log in the University library.
  • Thesis is published digitally in DiVA
  • Send the printed version of your doctoral thesis to the Faculty examiner and to the Examining committee.
  • Distribution of copies of your thesis accordingly as instructed by supervisor

0 weeks

  • Doctoral thesis defence