Supervision - University of Borås



You are entitled to supervision that will give you the help and support you need during your time as a doctoral student. You have a principal supervisor and at least one assistant supervisor. Supervisors and a possible examiner together form your own group of supervisors so that there will always be a supervisor who has the time and opportunity to address the issues you want to discuss.

Questions concerning the work environment and your contract are however not your supervisor's responsibility. These types of questions should be discussed with your head of department.

If you are a doctoral candidate in an area in which the University of Borås lacks its own research examination rights, and therefore is accepted for doctoral studies at another institution, you must have a supervisor from the University of Borås and an assistant supervisor from the degree-issuing institution.

Doctoral students with employment other than at the University of Borås (i.e. industry) should always have an assistant supervisor with the employer.