Support and influence

Student influence

Student influence at the university is an important opportunity for you as a doctoral student and you can influence your education and your studies. The right to be represented in the bodies that directly or indirectly affect doctoral education is statutory. 

Doctoral student representatives are invited to be part of the following groups:

  • Research and Education Board
  • Artistic Research and Education Board
  • Research Education Committee
  • The Research Council

Student Union

One of the Student Union's most important tasks is to work with how education at the university works. They also work for you as a student to have the opportunity to have close contact with the outside world during your studies.

Well-being and a good social environment is another important task of the Student Union in order to foster as good a time as a student as possible. In addition, they arrange discounts for members.  Presently, the doctoral student section of the Student Union is dormant, but we hope that interest to start it up again comes soon.

Being a member of the Student Union is voluntary.

Read more on the Student Union's website.

Student Health Care

Studying is often demanding and feeling good physically and mentally is a good basis to coping with the studies. If you are an employee, you as a doctoral student at the University of Borås have access to support through our occupational health services.

If you have a scholarship, you instead can contact Student Health Care for help with preventive health care and individual contact. They offer support in various forms, for example, through counselling, certain kinds of treatment, or that attending one of their group activities. Student Health Care is a complement to primary health care and other municipal offerings. Student Health Care has counsellors and nurses.

Learn more about Student Health Care

Read more about Occupational Health Services

Equality and equal treatment

The University of Borås works continuously to increase diversity, equality and accessibility. One of the university's long-term goals is to value and utilise the skills, knowledge, and experience held by individuals in the organisation.