Reporting of course credits


All courses must be reported to Ladok (course registration) by the department or entity that has given the course. An examiner must be appointed to all courses by the Research education committee (FUU). The examiner is responsible for the examination, and that the results are being recorded in Ladok. 

Completion of all courses

When the supervisor considers that all courses have been completed according to the general syllabus, a transcript from the Ladok register can verify the completion of all courses as well as the necessary mandatory courses according to the general syllabus. The research administrator is responsible for this.

The examiner appointed for the doctoral student checks the transcript and signs a form sheet stating that the courses necessary for an exam have been fulfilled. This form sheet is then recorded in the Ladok register. Once the completion of courses is registered no further courses can be added.

Only an accumulation of courses up to the precise amount of credits associated to the specific PhD requirements can be accredited. Approved course part is not an absolute requirement for disputation, but an exam can not be issued before all courses are reported in to Ladok even if the disputation is approved. If the accumulated course points exceed this limit, points or courses must be eliminated/removed from the registered course sheet before the final registration. If this issue is neglected the exam officer will contact the PhD student/supervisor and the exam paperwork is delayed.

Form sheets