Course catalogue

Courses and planned course periods available at the university of Borås are shown on this page. Information on syllabus, course responsibility and contact person (at the bottom of this page) is shown. Registration period and start-up date are usually announced a few weeks before course start.

Semester and course

Fall semester 2016 

Information seeking for doctoral students, 2,5 credits, syllabus 
(6/10, 13/10, 20/10, 27/10, 2/11 and 29/11)
For registration: linda.lovecraft@hb.se

Research seminar. 1 credit, syllabus (pdf) 
(continuous admission)
For registration: päivi.ylitervo@hb.se

Academic Writing, 5 credits, syllabus (only in Swedish) 
(Course dates: 12/10, 4/11, 25/11, 12/12, 17/1 and 7/2)
For registration: anette.trennedal@hb.se

Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 3 credits, syllabus.
(26/8, 23/9, 21/10, 18/11 and 16/12)
For registration: sigrid.dentler@hb.se

Qualitative research methods, 7,5 credits, syllabus 
(start 25th of October & finish 25th of November - meanwhile there is meetings every Tuesday and Thursday for mini-lectures and seminars)
For registration: linda.lovecraft@hb.se

Dynamics of Knowledge Organization, 7,5 credits, syllabus
(Starts 6th of Dec. Is given in half speed)
Important information regarding the course, please read this
For registration: linda.lovecraft@hb.se

Spring semester 2017 (Preliminary)

Research ethics, 2,5 credits, syllabus in Swedish only (pdf)
(Course date: 4/5 9-12, 5/5 9-12 and 18/5 9-16)
For registration: linda.lovecraft@hb.se

Research seminar. 1 credit, syllabus (pdf) (continuous admission)
For registration: päivi.ylitervo@hb.se

Theory of science I, 5 credits, syllabus
Preliminary schedule, see here
For registration: linda.lovecraft@hb.se

Theory of science II 2,5 credits, syllabus 
Preliminary schedule, see here
For registration:  linda.lovecraft@hb.se

More courses for PhD students are offered at the University of Skövde. 
For more information click on the links below: 


Course contacts

Academic writing:  Fernando Seoane Martinez
Classiccs in Library and information science: Elena Maceviciute
Future e-services: Gustaf Nelhans
Information retrieval for PhD students:  Ola Pilerot and Thomas Nyström
Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: Sigrid Dentler  
Quantitative methods: Mikael Gunnarsson
Research ethics: Lars Sandman 
Research seminar: Päivi Ylitervo
Theory of science: Jan Nolin
Dynamics of Knowledge Organization: Nasrine Olson