Subject courses

In-depth courses

In addition to the usual introductory PhD course, in-depth courses associated with the research area are available. Some of these in-depth courses are mandatory in order to fulfil the requirements stated in the general syllabus. Usually each research area arranges two or three in-depth courses every year.

Methodology courses

Normally methodology courses are also included in the syllabus for the PhD studies. There are two types of methodology courses. It can be courses associated with methods used in the specific research area or courses of a more general character. E.g. courses dealing with quantitative metods, statistics, qualitative methods (phenomenology, hermeneutics) or philosophy of science.

Vocational courses

Courses that may be of value in the preparation for a future professional occupation can also be included in the course part. This can be courses in e.g. project management, teaching, leadership and supervision. 

Courses arranged by external institutions of higher education

Completed courses arranged by other universities can also be credited and added to the partition of courses that must be fulfilled in the PhD education as long as the course is eligible as a PhD level course. The course must then fulfil the standards of a university research course regarding content, aim and examination. 

For courses given at another university, or likewise, an application for accreditation must be completed. Please check with your examiner and supervisor that the course is eligible for your education and whether or not is can be accredited.