The Department of Education Research and Development (PUF) offers several different courses aimed at improving the pedagogical awareness and skills of teachers and supervisors in higher education. 

Basic Course in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (15 credits)

The basic course in teaching and learning a 15 credits course, and extend over the academic year; from August to May. The physical sessions takes place on the University of Borås and each session includes two consecutive days, approximately once per month. In between, the course uses PING PING as means of communication.    

As part of the course, the participants will conduct a small developing project and present the project at a conference arranged at the University of Borås.

Course literature is provided free of charge.

Dates for 2017 TBA. 

Register through PINGPONG

For more information, please contact Susanne Strömberg Jämsvi

Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

The introduction is provided primarily for newly employed teachers without prior experience of teaching in higher education. The course is given regularly and on request. The introduction is given to individuals or groups, and spans over half a day. The course discusses forms or teaching, course design and presentation technique.

For more information, contact Linda Borglund.

Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (English; 3 credits)

PhD students at the University of Borås are invited to the freestanding introduction course to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (3 credits). The course is in English and aims foremost at PhD students with low-level skills in Swedish. It awards credits as part of the standard course on teaching and learning in higher education (15 credits) at the University of Borås. 

The course is given in English.

Find more information and apply to the course

For further information, please contact Sigrid Dentler or Kathleen Mahon

Supervising Students (7.5 credits)

The department of Educational Research and Development (PUF) offers a course on how to supervise Bachelor Theses and similar papers. The course awards 7.5 credits and consists of six days spread out during the semester.

The course provides and introduction to supervision, including formal regulation, different roles of supervisors, elements of the supervising process, quality criteria and ethical aspects. The content of the course is partially determined by deliberation between participants and teachers, in order to satisfy individual and local needs.

The course examination consists of an individually written paper and prepared participation in seminars. The course is given Fall 2016. Preliminary dates for the course are:

25 August
15 September
6 October
27 October
10 November
8 December


For information, contact Marcus Agnafors

Supervising Doctoral Students

As a part of the University of Borås’ strategy to improve its supervisory competences, the Department of Educational Research and Development (PUF) offers a course for senior lectures and professors that supervise or are about to supervise doctoral students.  

The course takes as its point of departure the concept of science for profession, and is characteristically multi-disciplinary. This implies a collegial exchange of experiences. The participants are expected to attend all sessions. Focus is placed primarily on the supervision of doctoral students, but supervision of students on the advanced level will also be discussed. 

The course will be offered in 2016/2017. Course dates are November 10-11, December 12, February 9-10, and March 30-31.

For information, please contact lill.langelotz@hb.se


This course is intended for beginners or those who want to brush up your skills regarding the learning platform PING PONG. The aim of the course is that you should get a solid foundation enabling efficient use of PING PONG. Each course comprises two half days.

VT 2016

Course 1: 11 and 25 February 09:00-12:00
Application deadline: February 2

Course 2: 19 and 26 April, 09:00-12:00
Application deadline: April 7

For information, please contact Anita Eklöf.

Seminar on Examination, Assessment, and Grading

During the autumn term of 2016 the Department of Educational Research and Development arranges a seminar series on the topic of examinations, assessment and grading within higher education. The seminars target all teachers at University of Borås who are interested in these issues and who would like to develop their assessment competences. The seminar series is divided into three occasions.

For more information, please contact Anita Norlund

Norm Critical Approach in Higher Education (5 credits)

A norm critical approach means that we examine and question what we see as normal instead of what we see as deviant. Throughout this course, participants are given both the theoretical and the practical tools necessary to identify and assess the norms that affect our daily work in higher education. To try norm critical methods are thus an important element of the course. The teaching is based on participants' experience and active involvement; it can mean, for example, to assist in the planning and implementation of seminars and exchanges of experiences. This course is intended for all staff within the university.

The course starts November 8, 2016 and runs at quarter speed.

The course is given in Swedish, although some English literature may be included.  

To register, please email Linda Borglund.

For more information, contact the course coordinator Marie Hjalmarsson.

Learning and teaching for sustainable development (5 credits)

Sustainable development is a priority area at the University of Borås and this course is part of formulating what that means for our teaching. The course is intended for staff who have already taken the Basic Course in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and now seek to further develop their pedagogical competence. 

During the course the participants will largely be focusing on their own current and future teaching. This will be related to central concepts and current research within the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) area.

The schedule comprises 5 daylong sessions fall 2016/spring 2017:

November 17 (introduction)

Preliminary dates:

December 14
January 19
February 16
April 20

For more information, please contact Jonas Söderholm

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