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International exchange and cooperation

Employees at the University of Borås have many different possibilities of professional development through international exchange and cooperation.

One possibility of training is to go on a staff training in Europe through the Erasmus programme. You can perform a job shadowing at another university or organization. You can also attend seminars, courses or workshops with connection to your work tasks. The courses can be courses arranged by the EAIE or language courses for teachers.

For teaching staff there is also a possibility to teach at a partner university, for example through the Erasmus programme. The teaching exchange can include supervision, seminars, examination etc. It is also possible to invite foreign guests or partners from companies and organizations as incoming staff exchange through the Erasmus programme.

If you are interested in development issues University of Borås offers several opportunities. Within the Linnaeus-Palme programme you can for example initiate long-term cooperations with universities in developing countries. The programme includes visits to plan the project, to evaluate as well as exchange possibilities for students and teachers.

Within the Nordplus programme you can be part of a network with colleagues from Nordic and Baltic countries. The programme enable projects and mobility for teachers and students.

There are also several other opportunities of internaitonal exchange, for example within STINT and Erasmus+.

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