Teaching sabbatical - STINT

Develop your education and teaching role in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and the US - STINT Teaching Sabbatical

Teachers at the University of Borås can apply for a STINT scholarship for a stay at a university in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan or the United States of America to participate in the planning and implementation of education. 

STINT Teaching Sabbatical is a scholarship programme aiming to stimulate increased international exchange, focusing on development of education by giving Swedish teachers the opportunity to stay at a high quality university/higher education institution. The aim of the programme is to develop both individuals and institutions. By giving researchers and teachers who are passionate about teaching international experiences based on their teaching role rather than the research role, STINT wants to contribute to the renewal of higher education and the creation of new networks.  

The applying teacher should have a doctoral degree, employed and well established at the University of Borås. The scholarship is awarded by STINT. It is personal and not subject to income tax. The amount is set by STINT and based on salary loss and cost increase related to the stay abroad. STINT will pay the travel costs for the scholar and accompanying family members.

Read more about STINT Teaching Sabbatical (external link)

Apply no later than 1 August

The call for applications is made the summer before the year of the exchange. Interested teachers will submit an announcement of interest on a special form to University of Borås. Among those maximum two teachers will be nominated to STINT. The nominees will receive help and support from within the University in writing their application for a scholarship to STINT. All documents of the application must be in English.

In your application to be nominated by the University of Borås, you should describe why you are seeking the STINT Teaching Sabbatical, what makes you a suitable candidate, and how your experience will benefit the University of Borås. Applications should be sent to the faculty coordinator for internationalisation. The applications are forwarded by STINT to the participating universities and they choose which teachers they think is suitable for their institution. The deadline for your application is 1 August.

Contact the faculty coordinator for internationalisation

Faculty of Textiles, Engineering and Business

Jenny Balkow
Email: jenny.balkow@hb.se
Telephone: 033-435 4554
Cell phone: 0701-914819

Faculty of Carin Science, Work Life and Social Welfare

Karin Högberg
Email: karin.hogberg@hb.se
Telephone: 033-435 4743

Faculty of Librarianship, Information, Education and IT

Veronica Trépagny
Email: veronica.trepagny@hb.se
Telephone: 033-435 4065
Cell phone: 0701-040761


A STINT Scholar should submit a report on his or her exchange to the University of Borås. The report must be done on a special form. The teacher and the University together will set up a plan for how the teacher’s knowledge and experience from the stay abroad will be disseminated and used within the organisation.

Interviews and information from previous STINT scholars:

Helena Francke - Chinese University of Hong Kong (in Swedish)

Tobias Richards - University of California Berkeley (in Swedish)

Malin Nilsson - National University of Singapore (in Swedish)