Through the Lagen om allmän försäkring (AFL) you have the right to pension:

  • at the age of 65 (old-age pension) or
  • after long-term sickness (sickness or activity compensation)

In addition to the benefits granted by law, you may have the right to complementary pension regulated by a government contract (state employee's occupational pension) if you have been employed by the state to at least 20% of a full-time employment, up until 2002-06-30 it was 40%.

In accordance with the Occupational pension agreement (PA 03) of 2003-01-01, the occupational pension is made up by three parts, one defined-benefit pension and two defined-contribution pensions (Kåpan and IÅP). The Individual Retirement Pension (IÅP) is to be placed in a fund and a so called choice packet is sent to your address by the SPV a few months after you have been employed.