Are you planning to apply for promotion to ’docent’ or professor?

What does promotion mean?  What new and interesting tasks can you take on as ‘docent’ or professor? During spring 2016, A3 will offer a programme to support academic staff at the faculty who are intending to apply for promotion to ‘docent’, associate professor (‘biträdande professor’) or professor. The initial programme consists of two parts. In the first part participants will hear about and discuss the process of application. In the second part, the focus will be on preparation for appointment to ‘docent’.  

Part 1: Information session

At the information session, the prerequisites for and the practical work involved in applying for promotion are presented.

  • The Research & Education board will describe and discuss the board’s responsibilities in the ‘docent’ appointment process as well as the current and upcoming criteria for being appointed as ‘docent’, associate professor (‘biträdande professor’) and professor
  • Heads of the faculty and departments will present their view on promotions
  • The Employment committee and HR will describe the application process and the support available to applicants
  • Q&A session

For whom?
The session is specifically targeted for:

  • academic staff who will apply for appointment as ‘docent’, associate professor (’biträdande professor’) or professor within the next few years;
  • managers who are responsible for performance review (e.g. study directors);
  • anyone who is curious about what academic promotion involves.

April 7 at 13-14.30 (room will be announced later on)

Register through the form no later than April 4

Questions can be put to Annemaree Lloyd, Professor of Library and Information Science, who will chair the programme or to Faculty coordinator for research Helena Francke.

Most of the information session will be in English.

Information about the regulations governing appointment procedures are available in documents here. 


Part 2: Programme for future ’docents’

The programme for future ’docents’ seeks to support individuals in developing a long-term plan to prepare and succeed in appointment. The programme begins with an information session. After this, two informal meetings will be devoted to discussing the departments’ criteria and process in determining whether an application is ready to be submitted. In this session participants will also hear from recently appointed docents about their experiences of the promotions process. There will be ample opportunity to discuss and ask questions. The meetings are supplemented by individual meetings with a mentor chosen for each participant. Altogether, the meetings and mentoring sessions will support the participants in developing a plan for their own path to an application for ‘docent’ as well as a CV and application.

For whom?
The programme is targeted at academic staff who will within the next 5 years or so be ready to apply for appointment as ‘docent’.


  • Meeting 1: April 7 at 13-14.30 (see above)
  • Meeting 2: April 13 at 10-11.30
  • Meeting 3: May 10 at 13-14.30

After meeting 2, every participant will be matched up with a mentor. The mentor and the participant book one or more meetings, depending on individual needs and wishes, to take place during spring and fall of 2016.

Participation in the meetings is important for benefitting from the programme.

Apply through the form no later than March 21

Questions can be put to Annemaree Lloyd, Professor of Library and Information Science, who will chair the programme or to Faculty coordinator for research Helena Francke.

Most of the programme will be in English.

In preparation for meeting 2, the participants will be expected to have read and reflected on the information about the regulations governing appointment procedures for ‘docent’ available here.

If you read Swedish, please refer to the slightly more extensive information here. 

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