Organisation of the faculty’s work with internationalisation

Action plan

The action plan (in Swedish) for internationalisation sets the goals for the faculty’s internationalisation activities throughout 2018. The action plan is based on the university’s as well as the faculty’s common goals and concretises how internationalisation may contribute to placing the student’s learning at the centre, increasing the research volume, and achieving complete academic environments. During the first part of the three-year period, strategic contractual work, routines, and information will be prioritised. In the longer term, the focus will be on the internationalisation perspective in programme syllabi as well as coherent English-language semesters.


The Faculty of Librarianship, Information, Education and IT has a coordinator for internationalisation whose focus is to coordinate and work strategically and advisory when it comes to the departments’ and the faculty’s internationalisation activities. Feel free to discuss potential international project with Veronica Trépagny. The three faculty-level coordinators for internationalisation all work closely together with the university’s central coordinator for internationalisation in overall issues.

The group for internationalisation and internationalisation back home

In order to further broaden, prepare, and deepen the internationalisation efforts, the faculty’s advisory council has decided to form a group for internationalisation and internationalisation back home: GFI A3. The group consists of representatives from all departments and activities of the faculty and meets two to three times per semester. The convenor is the faculty’s coordinator for internationalisation. Feel free to speak to representatives of the GFI group or the international coordinators about potential new partner universities.  

GFI A3 consists of:
Nina Emilsson

Ramon Gárotte

Elena Maceviciute

Katarina Michnik

Peter Rittgen

Agneta Welin Mod

Veronica Trépagny
, convenor
Karl-Fredrik Ahlmark
, international coordinator
Helena Gjertz
, international coordinator

International coordinators

In order to support the internationalisation activities even further, both in terms of supporting students and staff as well as development work, there are two international coordinators from the faculty support office who work for the faculty. They divide tasks according to processes and portfolios, and besides supporting the faculty they are part of groups that work with overall issues at the university level. The two international coordinators are also helpful when developing new partnerships.

The university’s international forum (HIF)

Every two weeks, all international coordinators at the university, regardless of level and organisational affiliation, meet for a dialogue, overview and joint work. Depending on the agenda, other people who work with internationalisation may be invited based on different aspects – admission, Ladok, communication, etc.