Application for PhD certificate

How to apply

Application for a PhD certificate (third cycle degree) should be using the designated form. The form can be downloaded or ordered from the Degree Certification Office. To be eligible for a degree certification according to the current Higher Education Ordinance your must meet a number of criteria. 

The certificate

The certificate is a document that shows that all requirements for a academic degree has been met. The Degree Certificate issued by the University of Borås is bilingual (Swedish/English). The degree shall be issued as soon as possible after an  application has arrived to the Degree Certification Office.

Please note that all courses and the thesis have to be completed before you are able to apply for at PhD Certificate.

A supplement to the certificate, Diploma Supplement, will be enclosed, describing the degree issued and its status in the Swedish education system.

It is important to note that a certificate will only be issued once. It is possible though to receive a copy from the central archive at the University. Please call +46 33-435 40 00 and ask to be connected to the Central Office.


If you are dissatisfied with the decision taken by the University of Borås, you have the right to appeal to The Higher Education Board of Appeals.