2016-11-01 Sustainable consumption

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research (Mistra) invites research groups, jointly with other stakeholders, to submit proposals for a new research programme on scope for reducing the environmental impact of consumption. The research is intended to foster efficient use of resources and low emissions, and contribute to solutions rather than describing the consequences of current consumption. The new programme is expected to have a coordinating role in research on sustainable consumption and, in the long term, to develop into the leading knowledge hub in a network of influential stakeholders, both in the academic community and elsewhere, in the subject area concerned.


On the basis of the expert panel’s recommendations, Mistra has selected four areas that may be included in a research programme. Mistra requires at least two of these to be clearly covered by programme proposals submitted:

  • Sustainable consumption, well-being and the Good Life
  • Sustainability in supply chains
  • Alternative systems of provisioning for sustainable consumption
  • Policies fostering sustainable consumption.