EU Funding

The University of Borås - an ever stronger actor within European research funding.

In its efforts to be a well-renowned international institution, the University of Borås works to increase participation in EU-funded research programmes. Our researchers collaborate with many European partners; a number of international research projects are being conducted while others are in the planning stages. These projects cross over international and knowledge borders.

The EU is an important funder of research and the University of Borås has a continual process in place to increase our competence in providing support to our researchers in questions related to EU research and research funding.

Always contact GIO when applying for grants under Horizon 2020! Don’t forget to contact us well before the deadline so that we can give you the support you need.

Researcher support intends to support researchers with

  • Preparing documentation and processing EU contracts and assisting in establishing partnerships between the university and EU partners
  • Continuous monitoring and analysis of the thematic areas announced in EU research programmes in relation to the university’s research profiles
  • Counselling for better accuracy with respect to the proposed projects
  • Conveying information based on the university’s profile areas and related areas
  • Providing selective, structured, and targeted information
  • Website focussing on EU-related research and EU research funding is a communication channel where researchers can continually inform themselves about important news  
  • Engaging in discussions about project ideas and helping to find the right EU research programme
  • Newsletter
  • Helping in building networks between different actors involved in the process

Important links in the EU research context

Information and counselling

For more information and counselling about EU research programmes, please contact  Peter Klason.

Participant Identification Code (PIC)

The submission of applications for EU projects requires an identification code, the PIC, which should also be used in negotiations with the EU Commission. The code automatically provides contact information about the University of Borås.

Legal name: Hoegskolan i Boras
PIC: Contact Annika Bergman for the code
LEAR (Legal Entity Appointed Representative) Annika Bergman