Media Types in BADA

When you register publications in BADA you must choose a media type. It describes the media your publication in published in.

Most of the publications from the University of Borås are Text; but some of them consist images, moving images, exhibitions etc. One publication or object can also consist of more than one media type. The media types in BADA are based on Dublin Core.

Text is used when a resource consisting primarily of words for reading.

Image is used when the visual representation is other than text. For example images and photographs of physical objects, paintings, prints, drawings, other images and graphics,diagrams, maps, (...) are included here. Note that Image may include both electronic and physical representations.

Data set include lists, tables, and databases. A dataset may be useful for direct machine processing.

Event is used for events, performances, exhibitions and workshops. Metadata for an event provides descriptive information that is the basis for discovery of the purpose, location, duration, and responsible agents associated with an event.

Physical Object is used for inanimate, three-dimensional objects or substance.

Interactive Resource is resource requiring interaction from the user to be understood, executed, or experienced. Web pages, applets, multimedia learning objects, chat services, or virtual reality environments are included here.

Sound is resource primarily intended to be heard. A music playback file format, an audio compact disc, and recorded speech or sounds are included here.

Moving Image is used for a series of visual representations imparting an impression of motion when shown in succession. Animations, movies, television programs, videos and such are included here.

Software is used for a computer program in source or compiled form. A C source file, MS-Windows .exe executable, or Perl script are examples of this Media type.

Collection is used for collection described as a group; its parts may also be separately described.

Other is used when none of the Media types above is applicable.