Search in BADA

Some times it might be difficult to fine what you are looking for in BADA. Here below are some tips to help you search in BADA.

In BADA there is one search box on the top of the start page to the left and there is also one search box in the middle of the page where you can search in the fields for Title, Author, Keywords, Abstract, Series, ISBN/ISSN and the whole full text of an item in BADA if there is one.

When you search in BADA, note that BADA ignores stop words that occur frequently in English but do not add value to the search like a, and, the, to etc.


You can also browse through BADA if you choose Communities & collections, Titles, By Date, Authors and Keywords in the menu to the left. These browse functions are also available when you go to a specific collection, but the functions are then in the middle of the page instead. 


You can always see where you are in the structure of BADA an navigate back by using the breadcrumbs at the top of the page.

Recent Submissions

On the right side there is Recent Submissions for every collection and you can click directly on the links. On the first page of BADA Recent Submissions is from the top collection Research Publication.


You can subscribe to collections from a department or unit in BADA (note that it is different collections for research publications and student thesis) through RSS. You can find the icons for RSS to the right at the bottom of every collection homepage. 
You can also choose to subscribe with e-mail; then you have to create an account in BADA.

Truncation and Stemming

Use * after a word stem to get all hits having words starting with that root, note that BADA automatically expands words with common endings to include plurals, past tenses, etc.

Phrase Searching

To search using multiple words as a phrase, put quotation marks (") around the phrase.

Boolean Search

You can use AND, OR, NOT  in BADA, note that you need to use capital letters.

Subject Search

The link for Subject search is located under the search box to the left, right below Advanced search. Click on the boxes to search BADA through different scientific areas.


Every item is assigned a persistent URL; handle-ID. This link is placed above the item, for example: "Please use this identifier to cite or link to this item: http://hdl.handle.net/2320/XXXX".

Find it Borås; find full-text

At the bottom of the page of an item there is an icon: "Find it Borås". If the item does not offer a full-text i BADA, you can use this icon to search for a full-text. A new window is opened and if the library offers a full-text through subscriptions on journals or if a full-text is available open access on the internet, you will find a link to the full-text here. 


There is a Help guide in English in the menu to the left in BADA. Note that it is not modified for the BADA installation of the DSpace system, but it can still be useful. Most of the search help on this page is from the Help guide.