Studenter på campus

Stock photos

As an employee of the university, you have access to our media banks.


This is a media bank where we save our own images of employees as well as general images of the university and our students.  


The images may be used in the context of the University of Borås. The photographer's name must always been given.

For access to the media bank with the university's images, at Mediabanken (external link, Swedish only), please first email: kommunikation@hb.se



The university also has an agreement with Colourbox as a general media bank with images within most genres. Here you can find images that you as an employee can, for example, use in presentations and webpages.


The images may be used in, for example, lecture material, online, and in presentations. You may not use the images to sell a product.

To receive access to Colourbox, create an account at Colourbox (external link). Use your hb.se email address to register your account.