Form and matter: principles issues in art and design

Time: Thursday 8 september 13:00 - 16:00
Venue:  M506
The seminar is held in English 

Professor Clemens Thornquist discuss principle issues in art and design:

"Art and design, research as well as education, is often understood and conducted as applied endeavours. In this note however, I would instead like to point at the more foundational issues of art and design beyond typically phenomenological passions.

This includes opening up ontological, methodological and epistemological issues in order to present a more comprehensive research agenda in art and design, and as a result thereof, hopefully, indicate more diverse possibilities for the art and design of our future."

The seminar is the first in a seminar series about the universty's research.

Programme 8/9:

  • Introduction by Björn Brorström 
  • Lecture by Clemens Thornquist 
  • Q & A with Karin M Ekström



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