The UN's global goals for sustainability. Picture: Sida

Research on Sustainability (RoS)

Sustainability is a priority issue, which we today pursue across our breadth of research areas at the University of Borås. The state of our planet and societies – from arts to atmosphere – is subject to our critical inquiry. In December we meet to share the latest on sustainability research.

Welcome to the conference

During a full day we hope to see examples from a wide range of subjects and projects. All staff members have been invited to submit proposals to be presented in workshops (language: English). The presentations will be followed by open, critical discussions with the attendant forum. An opportunity for constructive feedback from outside our usual peer group!

Date and venture

Date: 6 December, 2017
Time (preliminary): 09:00--16:00

Conference manager: Nils Lindh, e-mail: ros.conf@hb.se