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2017-09-05 10:48

Ladokportalen will close - actions needs to be taken

In September, Ladok will be uppgraded. This means that the university gets a new, web-based Ladok system that replaces Ladokportalen. Here you can find information about what you as a teacher need to do before the upgrade.

Ladokportalen closes Friday 15 September. Ladok opens again Monday 25 September.

There are two important actions you need to take:

1: Do not forget to register all grades before closing date, no later than 14 September. If you have questions, please contact your administration officer at a1@hb.se , a2@hb.se or a3@hb.se.

2: Please tell your students that during a transition period, the dates for signing up for examinations will be changed. For examinations between Friday 22 September and Saturday 7 October, they have to sign up for the examination before Ladokportalen closes 14 September.

Text: Henrik Grönberg