Schedule and decisions

On this page you can follow the work from the first phase of the project.

Preliminary overall schedule

24 April 2013

The University's Board makes a directional decision in respect of the University's developmental work.

27 May 2013

The Vice-Chancellor decides that the work to produce proposals regarding the University's future organisation will be carried out by project management team consisting of Lotta Dellve, Katarina Ek, Tomas Wahnström, Marianne Strömberg and Thomas Johansson.

3 June-5 August

Information gathering through interviews with selected people and questionnaires that are available to all employees.

Questionnaire: opens in week 24, closes 5 August. The questionnaire is sent out to all employees via e-mail on 14 June.


The Vice-Chancellor decides on the specific tasks for the project management team, including an activity plan, communications plan and a plan to cooperate with safety representatives and trade union organisations.

N.B. Activity plans are living documents that will be changed and updated as work progresses. Here you can see the activity plans as they appear today.

The project group is collaborating with the External Relations Office so that all information shall reach the University's staff as smoothly as possible.


Holiday period


Processing of gathered information


The project management group presented their recommendations for overall structures and principles:

Read the group's power point presentation

16th of October

The Board makes interim decisions regarding overall principles and structures applicable to the organisation of our core operations and support operations.

17th of December

The Board makes decisions regarding:

  • How the University's core operations (education and research) and support operations are to be organised into units directly under the Vice-Chancellor, and the management structure of the units, including tasks and decision-making authority
  • Principles for the action plan for implementation of organisational proposals

January – June 2014

Implementation of the Board's decisions

14th of January

The Vice-Chancellor Björn Brorström presented his suggested organisation for the University staff. Read more and see presentation (only in Swedish)