Research Seminars in Library and Information Science (LIS)

The research seminar is a forum in which research within and relevant to library and information science is presented, reviewed and discussed by senior researchers, doctoral students, visiting scholars and other interested parties.

The seminars are an essential part of the doctoral study program in library and information science. The research seminars have been ongoing since the 1990´s. Always on Mondays at 14:30 – 16:00. The seminars are held in Swedish, English or another Scandinavian language.

If you are interested in presenting your research at a research seminar, please contact research seminar administrator Catarina Eriksson. The texts for the seminars can be requested from Catarina Eriksson at the very least one week before the seminar date. The text will be distributed in paper form by regular mail.

Please be aware of that the seminar schedule can be changed. Seminars may be added or cancelled rapidly.

Spring 2017 - Programme

The seminars are held in room D 519, from 14:30 until 16:00 if not anything else is announced.

23 January

No seminar scheduled.

30 January

No seminar scheduled.

6 February

Eva Hemmungs  Wirtén, Linköpings universitet

Otlet’s Order: Intellectual Property and the Utopia of Information

“Scientific work, especially in our time, is specialized and internationalized.” As contemporary as such a statement sounds, it was in fact made in 1895, when the two Belgian pacifists and internationalists Henri La Fontaine (1854-1943) and Paul Otlet (1868-1944) founded the Institut International de Bibliographie (IIB) in Brussels. Otlet and La Fontaine knew that scientific work depended on access to scientific information, and for the next four decades they embarked on a massive effort to collect, organize and disseminate the world’s knowledge. In her talk, Eva Hemmungs Wirtén will focus on Otlet’s bibliographic imagination of patents as one top in a mountain range of documents, on equal footing with more familiar carriers of scientific information such as journals and monographs. Combining perspectives from law, information science and mediated/material culture, how can we understand the ordering of scientific information in the context of past, present and future knowledge infrastructures, and especially its relation to intellectual property?

Eva Hemmungs Wirtén is Professor of mediated culture at Linköping University, Sweden. She has published extensively on the emergence of international copyright and the cultural history of the public domain. Increasingly interested in scientific authorship and the political economy of academic publishing, this talk is based on a chapter in her most recent book Making Marie Curie: Intellectual Property and Celebrity Culture in an Age of Information (University of Chicago Press 2015) which considers Curie’s work with bibliography and scientific property in the League of Nations.

13 February

No seminar scheduled.

20 February

Daniel Powell, researcher within DiXiT, currently at King's College London

27 February

No seminar scheduled.

6 March

Merisa Martinez

Mid seminar

Merisa Martinez is PhD student at SSLIS

13 March

No seminar scheduled.

20 March

Alison Hicks

"Learning a different language: information literacy in transition"

Mid seminar

Alison Hicks is  PhD student at SSLIS

27 March

Nasrine Olson


Nasrine Olson is a senior lecturer and researcher at SSLIS

3 April

No seminar scheduled.

10 April

Linnéa Lindsköld

"To be in each others readings" - a study on the role of the library space for children's social reading.

Linnéa Lindsköld is a senior lecturer at the Swedish School for Library and Information Science, Borås. She will present a paper on the role of the library space for children’s social reading. The making of the paper has been funded through the Svea Bredal’s fond.

The language of the seminar is Swedish.

17 April

Easter Monday - no seminar!

24 April

No seminar scheduled.

1 May

Labour's day - no seminar!

8 May

Arvid Jakobsson

Book chapter presentation

Arvid Jakobsson is PhD student at SSLIS.

The seminar will be held in Swedish.

15 May

Gaby Haddow, Curtin University

22 May

Muhebera Bizimana

Thesis plan seminar

29 May

No seminar scheduled.

5 June - "klämdag"

No seminar!

Thursday 8 June at 14:30-16:30 in D 519

Birgitta Wallin

E-book strategies in the Swedish book market: commercial booksellers and public libraries

In this thesis, the author studies two types of actors, commercial booksellers and public libraries, in the Swedish book sector and their changing positions due to the introduction of e-books. Though the Swedish market of e-books is very small in relation to the market of printed books, it is growing slowly but steadily. This happens as a result of different driving forces and despite of resistance of conservative ones and affects the strategies of institutions distributing e-books to individual readers and organisations. Commercial booksellers are a varied group on the book market. It includes actors that are highly interested in the development of e-books, such as aggregators, online bookshops, and subscription services, and the ones that do not see e-books’ relevance for their future survival, as for example, physical bookshops. Public libraries on the other hand, consist a more homogenous group of non-commercial distributors of e-books, governed by the same principles and funded by the same pattern. They are regarded both as competitors and partners to commercial distributors and have to negotiate their role in the emerging digital order of the book. The author explores the survival and negotiation strategies, the positioning of different actors in the book sector in Sweden during the first stage of innovation acceptance.

The thesis work was financed by the Framework grant: the digitized society, past, present and future, The Swedish Research Council, project number 2012-42547-98049-26

Birgitta Wallin is PhD student at SSLIS. This is her final seminar.

The seminar will be held in English.

External commentator: Ann Steiner

12 June

Ameera Mansour

mid seminar