Design Seminars

The Design Seminars aim to introduce contemporary research and professional work within the field of design, art, media, music and more.

The series of lectures present perspectives of artistic research, textile and fashion design profession, methodologies and practices – with outlooks to the history and theories of art, architecture, philosophy and design.

The design seminars targets MA students in fashion and textile design but are included in courses also for PhD students in fashion and textile design as well as for BA students in textile design. The lectures are open to all teachers and students at the Swedish School of Textiles. If you are not a student or teacher at the Swedish School of Textiles you are probably welcome – but due to lack of space please mail and announce Pia Mouwitz just in case. Please have a look at Kronox to get the latest update.

For suggestions and questions about the seminars, contact pia.mouwitz@hb.se
See you in the Gallery!

Location and time

When: Tuesdays at 13:00-14:30 

Where: The Gallery - ground floor and close to the entrance of Textile Fashion Center, Skaraborgsvägen 3, Borås.

Program, autumn 2016

8 November - Johannes Heldén

Poet, visual artist, musician. Born 1978, lives and works in Stockholm. Author of twelve books, most recently Astroecology (2016) which was published simultaneously in three languages and made into an interdisciplinary performance at the The Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm and a digital artwork published by Bonniers Konsthall. Recipient of Swedens biggest art prize, the Åke Andrén fellowship, in 2015. The Evolution project won the inaugural N.Katherine Hayles prize in 2014. www.johanneshelden.com (external link)

15 November - ArcInTex Ph.D students

More information about the Ph.D students

22 November - Jenny Lee NB! Changed time! 13:30-14:15

Jenny Lee’s interests lies in the intersection of design, science 
and technology. Her projects are speculative in nature, using fictional scenarios and design probes to elicit critical debate and discussion around the social, ethical and environmental implications of how we choose to utilise science and technology to craft a better tomorrow. Jenny Lee describes herself as a ‘Material Activist’ using materiality and design as her tools to provoke meaningful public engagement in questioning mankind’s role in the preservation of our future environments.

29 November - Kumi Kavaji Edström

More information (external link)

13 December - ArcInTex Ph.D students

Cancelled! 20 December - Klas Nyberg, Director of the Centre for Fashion Studies at Stockholm University

Klas Nyberg is an economic historian and researcher in the field of textile history, consumption history and material culture. Titel of lecture: "Problems in Swedish textile production in the 18th century: unsolved research questions"