Design Seminars

The Design Seminars aim to introduce contemporary research and professional work within the field of design, art, media, music and more.

The series of lectures present perspectives of artistic research, textile and fashion design profession, methodologies and practices – with outlooks to the history and theories of art, architecture, philosophy and design.

The design seminars targets MA students in fashion and textile design but are included in courses also for PhD students in fashion and textile design as well as for BA students in textile design. The lectures are open to all teachers and students at the Swedish School of Textiles. If you are not a student or teacher at the Swedish School of Textiles you are probably welcome – but due to lack of space please mail and announce Pia Mouwitz just in case. Please have a look at Kronox to get the latest update.

For suggestions and questions about the seminars, contact pia.mouwitz@hb.se
See you in the Gallery!

Location and time

When: Tuesdays at 13-14:30 

Where: The Gallery - ground floor and close to the entrance of Textile Fashion Center, Skaraborgsvägen 3, Borås.


19 JAN: Johannes Egler NB! 9:00-10:30 

FASHION CREATION & VISION MEETS THE MARKET & BUSINESS: how to convert vision into product and develop it efficiently. It is about reconceiving the idea of the business side of fashion by developing cultural and creative skills on one side, economic and managerial on the other. 

Johannes Egler is a designer, Project Manager and Professor for Fashion-Design and Merchandising at Polimoda. Specialized in training of creative thinking, design development and collection planning. Implementing Merchandising and Business strategies to the full process from research, drawing, pattern making to the industrialization of the product.

Experience in different areas of the fashion market: as designer, consultant merchandiser in designer brands as well as fast fashion enterprises and retail business, characterize him as a versatile creative practitioner and strategic visionary. Designer of own Premium Women’s Apparel Collection since 2001


3 Nov: Oscar Tomico

10 Nov: Clemens Thornquist 

17 Nov: Riikka Talman 

24 Nov: Merima Bruncevic
Lecture based on her research on access to art and the legal concept of the cultural commons related to textile and fashion industry.

1 Dec: No seminar

8 Dec: Elisabet Yanagisawa Aven
Grasping the Matter – On the Principle of Affect and Sense Knowledge: Conatus means ‘desire’ or ‘appetite’. Desire is the foundation for development and creation. How does the principle of affect operate? And in what way can we develop our ability to be sensitive for the matter? The new materialism is about matter as force and speed. It is measured by intensity. No matter is safe; it is a new order of the things. By valuing matter in new ways, we form a new community, based on the senses and intuition. This is a lecture on Spinoza’s philosophy of conatus and the principle of affect, which Gilles Deleuze further explored and developed by creating a new nomenclature. In this lecture I also make an orientation in the field of new materialism by introducing the thinking of Isabelle Stengers based on Alfred North Whitehead.

Elisabet Yanagisawa, is a doctoral student at HDK, the faculty of design at University of Gothenburg, 2009, and is currently working on the last part of her thesis on the philosophy of matter and senses, a comparative study between Eastern and Western aesthetics. She has an academic education in art, aesthetics, philosophy and interdisciplinary artistic studies. She has been employed as lecturer in fashion/costume at Konstfack, Stockholm, and was responsible for the BA level at the faculty of Textile. She stared her education at Beckman’s School, fashion design. Between 1993-2000 she run a production company Elisabet Yanagisawa AB, produced fashion collections for an international market. Today she is working interdisciplinary in the fields of art, design and philosophy.

15 Dec: Ricarda Bigolin