Higher Seminars

Time: 2017-10-31, 13:00 — 14:30
Location: Gallery (T154), ground floor and close to the entrance of Textile Fashion Center, Skaraborgsvägen 3, Borås.
Event Type: Seminar

The Higher Seminars aim to introduce contemporary research and professional work within the field of design, art, media, music and more.

31 October - Malin Bobeck
My work revolves around exploring new ways of interaction. Through my interactive, light emitting textile installations I invite people to experience new environments and ways of interaction.

I weave textiles with a combination of traditional textile material, optical fiber and conductive yarn. To make them come alive I connect them to micro computers, LEDs and sensors.

I use my textiles as a base to build unknown worlds that let you escape the reality for a while.

My process reaches from concept building, interaction design and constructing the textile to the physical building of the installation.

During my talk at Swedish School of Textiles I will present the path I took after I graduated in 2014. I will showcase some of my work and go through the current project I’m working on. I will share the points I found most important in being brave enough to do your own thing and my best tips on how to do it.

The Higher Seminars consist of lectures around the field of design. Some of the lectures are given by researchers and designers close to home. Others are external to present different methods, know-how and to give insight to discussions across a wide range of issues facing the industry, from sustainability and the human cost of supply chains to opportunities and development in technology.

The Higher Seminars primarily target The Swedish School of Textiles' PhD, master and bachelor students of fashion and textile design. However, they are also open and available to all, meaning that anyone can come and listen. If you are not a student or teacher at The Swedish School of Textiles and interested in joining in a seminar, please contact seminar coordinator Saina Koohnavard in advance.