Digitalisering, tjänster och innovation

Tid: 2018-11-26, 10:00 — 12:00
Plats: M502
Evenemangstyp: Seminarium


Ett övergripande syfte med seminariet är samla forskare som har intresse av att träffas kring begreppen digitalisering, tjänster och innovation. Ett annat syfte är att erbjuda forskare från olika forskningsgrupper en möjlighet att träffas över traditionella ämnesgränser. Seminariet hålls på engelska. 

Följande två presentationer med efterföljande diskussioner kommer att ges (beskrivning följer på engelska):


Encouraging Sustainable Transport Through an M-service – Investigating Citizens’ Preferences Using Personas, Anders Hjalmarsson Jordanius, Informatics

Lately, mobile services have been developed to reduce the use of conventionally fueled vehicles in cities by fundamentally changing the mobility behavior of their drivers and users. Based on incentive schemes, using information, points and discounts, these m-services are designed to meet the requirements of all citizens. However, citizens cannot be regarded as a homogeneous user group and user centric design approaches must consider both similarities and differences in citizens’ preferences. There is a gap in the understanding of user preferences in current literature on m-service designs for sustainable transport. To reduce this gap in knowledge, we present a content analysis of 20 in-depth interviews and develop personas to create a better understanding of both commonalities and differences between citizens. We conclude that personas complement content analysis by providing coherent portraits encapsulating and representing individual citizens’ preferences. Based on this information, better informed, value aware and ethical design decisions can be made. Furthermore, informed decisions of what values will be promoted and what citizens’ groups that will be targeted and which citizens that will not be included (designed for) can be made. Future research should investigate further how design objectives and requirements can be inferred from personas.


Competence needs and trends for web related professions, Veronica Johansson, Library and information science

The basis for this presentation is an internal report on competence needs and trends for web related professions based on interviews with fifteen strategically selected web professionals. The aim of the presentation and discussion at the seminar is in part to discuss potential relevance of the study’s results for educational programs at A3, and in part to discuss avenues for developing this material into scientific article publications. The main findings of the report indicate particularly strong interest from the professional community for competences that in various ways can be described as ”strategic”, concerning abilities to see the ”whole picture”; connections between and flows across different platforms, units and services in a greater context with considerable emphasis on knowledge of data analysis and marketing. Another clear tendency is that the web and related knowledge are no longer seen as possible or desirable to separate from other competences and work tasks. So called “web competences” are instead thought to increasing degrees become natural parts of many other work tasks and services. Considerable emphasis is rather placed on needs for “platform crossing” competences directed towards content, design, development and strategy, respectively. A third tendency is the notion that “purely technical” competences in the form of coding and programming already have, and will continue to be, separated from other work tasks in particularly clear ways. Moreover, a first educational foundation in the form of a broad and theoretical university program, followed by specialised education “in-house” at companies or at polytechnic institutes/in advanced vocational training is seen as good prerequisites for future professionals in the field. The report itself is written in Swedish, but the presentation and discussion will be held in English.


Formatet för seminariet är:


  • 15 minuters presentation
  • 20 minuters diskussion utifrån frågor ställda av i förväg utsedd kommentator
  • 20 minuters frågor från auditoriet

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