Being Proud

The right to reveal 
My value is to work with sustainable materials but I wanted to communicate yet another significant value – the right to be proud of one’s identity and heritage.

The initial proposal for this project was to proceed with my traditional working process and design ideas of multifunctional and changeable items in sustainable materials which I really find important, as they might extend the lifespan of a product. During the design process, the value came to change along with earnest campaigns about anti-gay laws and suppression of homosexuals and other minorities in several parts of the world. Few things are as descriptive as the rainbow icon. So to visualise the right to reveal your true self and not having to hide or cover up, the characteristic “pride” colour combination of a rainbow illustrates this aim.

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Material & Technique

This product is made out of elk and deer leather, with vegetable-tanned leather sole and heels. The technique that has been used, is a traditional handcraft of shoes, making back and toe moulds, as well as lasting, entirely by hand and without machinery.


  • Identity and heritage
  • Uniqueness
  • Handicraft
  • Sustainability