Being Someone

Identity through mass market production 

My intention of this outfit is to reach out to everybody around the world. The people are buying into an identity. Girls and boys want to belong to something and I want to create that feeling. I have chosen to make a one-piece jumpsuit that relates to the concept of being apart of something. 

It is important that I make wearable garments that can reach out to a large group of consumers worldwide. This is also my goal for this outfit, designed for this very project. The customer should be able to afford a designed piece and I want them to feel like they belong to something, even though they live in different countries.

Most of the consumers that buy my clothing are young and want to look trendy and fashionable. They go to school or work at low-wage jobs. On their spare time they like to shop for clothes but they can’t afford expensive labels. My customers want good fashion for an affordable price.

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Material & Technique

People around the world inspired me. I have used different types of faces and mixed them together as a map and then made the design out of my print. I created a one-piece jumpsuit and used my own print design, screen-printed on various places on my garment. The idea of the paint splashes in colourful all over the ready-to-wear jumpsuit was to support represent the idea of different people from different countries can enhance their own identity, in other words, being someone.


  • Identity
  • Accessibility
  • Affordability