Pia MouwitzPia Mouwitz works as a Senior Lecturer in Fashion Design at the Swedish School of Textiles, Boras, Sweden. With the aim to research tradition-based values, Pia has initiated the project ‘To make clothes that matter – From tradition to new design aesthetics’. How can the knowhow and knowledge of values be used in the design process? 
Pia is leading the project and is responsible for its content and outcomes. Besides herself, 14 designers and artists were involved in the project. 11 designers present one wearable outfit or accessory in this exhibition. Pia Mouwitz is doing research throughout the project and is also the author of the report: ‘To make clothes that matter – From tradition to new design aesthetics.’ 
Pia’s experience in the fashion field ranges from working in various fashion companies with many product categories from outerwear to accessories, from fashion to functional clothes with various target groups: men, women, teens, kids, toddlers and babies. She has also worked for other fashion companies as well as a freelance designer. Summarized experience: 4 years of fashion education in Fashion Design and in Ready-made clothing technology at Textilinstitutet, University College of Boras (which later developed into The Swedish School of Textiles at the University of Boras, Sweden), 18 years of working as a designer and product manager in fashion companies with experience from both international and Swedish production, 6 years’ work at the Swedish School of Textiles with various tasks, e.g. doing research in fashion, being vice educational coordinator and teaching in fashion with an interest in sustainable clothing. Pia is also the project leader of the Swedish part of the EU financed project ‘Baltic Fashion’, running in 2011-2013.