Everyday Memories

Today’s memories, tomorrow’s garments 

As well as our everyday memories are easily forgotten and not especially valued, so are our everyday clothes. I have designed a print that highlights my own Instagram feed, with photos taken on a daily basis from my everyday life. This print is communicated through an everyday outfit, such as “the white shirt” and “a pair of jeans”. 

I wanted to create an outfit that through emotional value would enhance the relationship to the wearer and thereby add more real value to it.

My idea is that if we would have a stronger relationship to our clothes, we would take better care of them. This would not only increase the value of the garments from a sustainability standpoint but also from a design perspective. If fashion and clothing had a higher value to people, there would be a greater potential for individual design expression and more elaborated garments (both conceptually and in craft work). This could hopefully lead to   a healthier consumption. 

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Material & Technique

Shirt: Digitally printed cotton with my own Instagram feed deconstructed and draped. Digitally printed at the Swedish School of Textiles, Sweden.

Jeans: Denim, deconstructed from second hand jeans with natural patina.


  • Emotional value
  • Personal design impact